Our menu

OPSO Social is your buzzing social space where you can unwind with friends and embark on a creative culinary journey in a relaxed atmosphere.


Speciality Coffee

  • Betroot Latte 36

    Ground beetroot powder combined with almond milk, topped with a light foam.

  • Banana Dionysus 36

    A smooth blend of espresso with steamed milk and notes of vanilla and banana.

  • Spiced Bun Late 36

    Smooth Espresso shot with steamed milk and cream with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

  • Greek Cream Coffee 38

    Greek black coffee infused with orange , topped with double cream, served with traditional Greek loukumia on the side.

  • Matcha Latte 46

    Ground matcha powder combined with coconut milk , topped with a light foam.

  • Safron Rose Late 46

    Smooth Espresso shot with steamed milk and hints of vanilla, rose and Safron.

Traditional Coffee Arabica Beans locally roasted

  • Espresso 21
  • Macchiato 25
  • Americano 27
  • Flat White 27
  • Latte 28
  • Cappuccino 29
  • Double Espresso 29

Loose Tea

  • Assam Breakfast 29
  • Early Grey 29
  • Jade Sword 29
  • Moroccan Mint 29
  • Chamomile Flower 29
  • Rose Buds 29
  • Peppermint Leaf 29
  • Blackcurrent and Hibiscus 29


  • Acai Elixir 42

    Slow pressed blueberries, pineapple, Acai and banana blend.

  • Green Goddess 42

    Slow pressed green apple, baby spinach, pineapple, cucumber, celery and lime blended with avocado.

  • Orange and Mango Overload 42

    Slow pressed orange, green apple and mango blended with banana.


  • Orange juice 27
  • Apple juice 27
  • Pineapple juice 27
  • Watermelon juice 27
  • Carrot and orange juice 27
  • Lemon and mint juice 27

Iced Coffee

  • Spanish Latte 24

    Brewed coffee with condensed milk iced cubes served with a mix of condensed and fresh milk.

  • Social Iced Latte 28
  • Spanish Frappe 28

    Smooth espresso shot with a mix of condensed and fresh milk

  • Pistachio Frappe 42

    Smooth espresso shot combined with steamed milk infused with pistachio.


  • Iced Watermelon 35

    Condensed, evaporated and almond milk infused with black tea and watermelon, combined with tapioca pearls, topped with whipped cream.

  • Iced Coconut Matcha 46

    Iced coconut matcha powder combined with Booba pearls, served with our freshly whipped cream.

Frappuccino Coffee

  • Popcorn and Caramel 38

    Iced coffee topped with fresh cream and caramelized popcorn.

  • Dated Dibbs 46

    Iced coffee, coconut syrup, fresh milk dates and Nutella topped with fresh cream.

Affogato Coffee

  • Vanilla Affogato 28

    Double espresso and handmade vanilla ice cream.

  • Pistachio Affogato 34

    Double espresso shot and handmade pistachio ice cream.

  • Rose and Cardamom Affogato 34

    Double espresso infused with rose and hand made cardamom ice cream.


  • Summer Squeeze

    strawberry, mint and lemon

  • Pink Hawaiian

    coconut, strawberry and pineapple.

  • Ginger Rush

    apple, ginger, lemon, cucumber and mint.

  • Fresh Rain

    orange, celery, rosewater and simple syrup.

  • Antipodes still small 28
  • Antipodes still sparkling 28
  • Antipodes large sparkling 37
  • Antipodes large still 37


  • Vanilla and Oreo 55
  • Strawberries and Cream 55
  • Banana Peanut and Caramel 55
  • Chocolate and Ferrero Rochet 55

Social Cafe & Bakery

D - Contains dairy, N - Contains nuts, V - Vegan Food, S - Contains seafood, C - Contains crustations, Ses - Contains sesame, G - Contains gluten

Bakery Pastries

  • Plain Croissant 12
  • Vanilla Crumble Muffin 12
  • Blueberry Muffin 12
  • Cinnamon and Raisin Danish Pastry 14
  • Apple Danish Pastry 14
  • Custard Danish Pastry 14
  • Pan au Chocolate 14
  • Zatar Croissant 14
  • Double Chocolate Chip Muffin 14
  • Maple and Pecan Danish Pastry 16
  • Almond Croissant 16
  • Glazed Cronut 16
  • Chocolate Cronut 16
  • Pistachio Cronut 16
  • Raspberry Cronut 16
  • Strawberry and Cream Croissant 18
  • Raspberry Croissant 18
  • Nutella Croissant 18
  • Cake Selection 35

    Please ask your waiter for daily specials available.

Freshly Artisanal Breads Baked in house

  • Sour Dough Loaf 16
  • Seeds and Cereal Loaf 16
  • Organic Rolled Oats Loaf 16
  • Mini Kolori Bread – 5 pieces 23

Tea cakes

  • Banana cake 16
  • Lemon Drizzle cake 16
  • Jamaican Ginger cake 16
  • Carrot Halva cake 16
  • Madeira cake 16
  • Chocolate Brownie 24

Social Café Signatures

  • Social S’more 35

    Marshmallow, chocolate crisp and caramel ice cream served with chocolate sauce.

  • Maple and Pecan Madness 35

    Warm Maple and Pecan Danish drizzled with icing at the table.

  • Cookie and Milk 48

    Chocolate chip and toffee cookie cup served with milk.

Savory Filled Croissants

  • Roast beef and smoked Turkey croissants
  • Goats cheese Baby spinach and Caramelized onion 38
  • Roast Beef and Horseradish Mayonaisse 44

    Beef Tenderloin roasted red pepper and Horseradish Mayo.

  • Smoked Turkey Brie Cheese and House Dried Cherry Tomato 48


D - Contains dairy, N - Contains nuts, V - Vegan Food, S - Contains seafood, C - Contains crustations, Ses - Contains sesame, G - Contains gluten

  • Koulouri Bun Breakfast 32

    Mini sesame milk buns, fresh goats curd, strawberry jam, lime curd, chocolate spread.

  • Choco & Peanuts French Toast 43

    Peanut butter, banana, chocolate pearls and salted caramel ice cream.

  • Vanilla & Strawberry French Toast 43

    Fresh strawberries, homemade strawberry jam, pistachio and vanilla ice cream.

  • Apple Crumble French Toast 43

    Baked red apples, salted caramel, chocolate sauce, hazelnut crumble and cinnamon ice cream.

  • Very Berry 45

    Mascarpone cream cheese, strawberry jam, chilled fresh berries, lime zest.

  • Breakfast Basket 47

    Toasted sourdough bread, butter, strawberry jam, mermelade.

  • Eggs & Veg 49

    Semi cooked eggs, shiitake mushrooms, charred leeks, greek yoghurt and hollandaise on koulouri bun.

  • OPSO Benedict 50

    Semi cooked eggs, lamb prosciuto, grilled kale, freek yoghurt and hollandaise on koulouri milk bun.

  • Eggs & Chips 51

    Fresh handout chips, tomato jam, smoked cheese sauce and sunny side up egg

  • Opso oat meal 52

    Granola, Greek yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and forest fruit jam.

  • Green Kayanas 53

    Scrambled eggs, wilted cherry tomatoes, guacamole and feta cheese on toasted sourdough bread.

  • Toasted Almond Tsoureki 55

    Brioche bun, toasted almonds, icing sugar, clotted cream, Nutella and strawberry jam.

  • Gianduja Explosion 56

    Homemade choco praline spread, sugar coated hazelnuts, gianduja chocolate curls.

  • Potato Rosti 57

    Fried egg, grated potato, onion, metsovone cheese, beef bresaola, truffle hollandaise and chives.

  • OPSO Spiced Baked Eggs 57

    Slow cooked egg, spiced tomato sauce, grilled spring onion, cumin yoghurt, grilled patron peppers, sliced jalapeсo and grilled ladopita.

  • OPSO Omelette 57

    Eggs, creme fraiche, soft barely aged feta, confit tomato, spinach and onion.

  • Prime Smoked Salmon 62

    Semi cooked eggs, guacamole, smoked salmon and mascarpone sauce on koulouri milk bun.

  • Lotus 75

    Lotus and chocolate biscuit crumble, jivara namelaka cream, banana, lotus sauce.

  • Snickers 79

    Caramel chocolate cream, salted chocolate sauce topped with a salty peanut crumble.

  • Boughatsa 110

    Thessalonikis traditional pastry, crispy fill and semolina custard.

Greek Yoghurt Delicacies

  • Pannacotta & Passionfruit Curd 55

    Passion fruit, strawberry gel, banana, kiwi and sesame seed crisp.

  • Grandmas Favorite 57

    Caramelized crispy walnuts and thyme honey.

  • Opso Granola 59

    Oat & hazelnut crumble, cocoa nibs, chilled blueberries, pomegrante and thyme honey.


  • Caprese of buffalo mozzarella house dried tomato and basil pesto 45
  • Roast beef heirloom tomato and Dijon mayo 48
  • Chicken schnitzel red cabbage slaw and smoked metsovone cheese 48

Special Offers

  • Special Breakfast Offer 95

    Selection of 1 dish, one coffee/tea and one fresh juice per person.